Vegan Buffalo Chicken Dip

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Dip

The History Behind the dip

You always need a good dip in your arsenal of recipes for a family get together, parties and/or potlucks. Easter weekend my boyfriend (Ben) and I had a couple of get togethers we were attending. What a perfect time to share my cooking with a verity of different people to get their opinions. That is how the buffalo chicken dip was created.

So Saturday we had a fun filled night of drinking, playing magic and cooking. Ben has been getting into cooking more and more with me so he is always sneaking in the kitchen and trying to take over. My plan was to make a not so spicy but still has a good kick to it, flavor packed dip. That could be enjoyed in multiple different ways. I think with Ben's help we really succeeded on making a great dip.

I let my creative light shine while making this. I didn't measure anything and I just let the dish guide me as I went. I decided to keep it pretty simple on the spices because I figured that all the different flavors would come together nicely. Ben gave me the idea to slow cook it in the oven to thicken it up. I honesty, think this is what made the dish. I wasn't really prepared for how good this ended up being!

The best part of this dip is how you can do so much with it. Eat it with chips of course, but also with a spoon, on a pizza, or throw it on a sandwich. Plus it's a pretty awesome dip. From chip to carrot you're going to love it either way. It had a nice balance of spice and creaminess so it will be enjoyable for most anyone.

This new recipe doesn't have much of a history to it right now but it will soon enough. This is definitely something I'll be making again in the future. Plus I made such a great memory with my boyfriend and if you've read my past posts then you know how much I love my memories!

Time To Get Baked


  • 1  1/2 containers Vegan Cream Cheese (I used Tofutti) 
  • 3/4 cups rance Vegan Ranch (I used Hampton Creek)
  • 1/2 of bottle of Franks Red Hot Sauce
  • 1 bag Vegan Chicken Strips (I used Beyond the Meat)
  •  1/2  of a Chopped Onion
  •  1 Celery Stick Chopped 
  • Handful of Green Onions 


  1. In a pot on Medium high heat and your cream cheese and vegan ranch.
  2. Gently whisk while your cream cheese melts and combines with your ranch.
  3. Once your Cream Cheese mixture is all melted remove from heat and set aside.
  4. With a deep dish cast iron pan on medium high heat spry with non stick spray. Tear your chicken strips in half before tossing them in the pan. 
  5. Cover all chicken strips in Franks red hot, stir.
  6. After your chicken strips are soft shred all chicken; stirring every couple of minutes.
  7. Once your chicken is full shredded add in chopped vegetables. Reduce heat and stir every couple of minutes for 10-15mintues. The longer you let it reduce the thicker it will become. 
  8. Preheat your oven for 350 and cover and bake for an hour.
  9. While banking pull out pan draining the oil, stir and put back in to continue to bake. This will help with get it nice and gooey and thick. 
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